Finally, a unique program for your class!!

"Kindergarten through 6th grade"


Denise is a full-time professional harpist who has been performing for over 30 years. She plays scores of engagements every year; as a soloist, and in a variety of ensembles. Denise teaches harp privately, and is an instructor at Owens State Community College, teaching various music courses.


During this enchanting mini concert & demonstration, students will learn about the music, unique personality & special characteristics of the harp.

Selections familiar to the children will be included, along with stories and the opportunity to take part in the music.

A variety of musical styles will be introduced, along with a chance for questions and answers.


  This program requires a large classroom or auditorium where a maximum of 75 students can gather near the harp.

Two, forty-minute programs are presented in a two-hour period.

Music Performance Funds (MPF) co - sponsorship may be available.


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